Turbo-Doc's Overview Screen.

  • From this screen you select your patients. After selecting a patient you are shown a quick overview of your patient's basic demographics, prior visits, photograph  and problem lists.


Turbo-Doc's Main Working Screen.

  • From this screen you have access to the entire patient record. With a few key strokes you may enter the Chief Complaint, the History of Present Illness, Past Medical History, Physical  Examination, Impression and Plan. You may Order Lab Tests and X-rays, Maintain Problem Lists, Write Orders and Print Patient Education Information. You may Print Consultations, History and Physicals, Follow Up Visits, Review the  Patients prior encounters as well as check the current record for E and M code compliance.


Turbo-Doc's Scheduler Screen.

  • From this screen you have access to the entire practice schedule.  Drag and drop you existing patients to the appropriate time slot.  You can look up patient appointments, select different physicians, recall lists and etc.  Print out day sheets.  The patients problem list is displayed to assist with scheduling the reason for the visit.  Up to 4 appointments can be assigned per time slot.  Time slots are adjustable.  Appointments are color coded and telephone numbers can be included to avoid extra look up tasks.  Display appointments by the day, 3 days, 5 days or week at a glance.  The next 90 days of this schedule can be exported to your Palm device.


Turbo-Doc's Database Search Screen.

  • From this screen you have the ability to build extensive but simple to create database queries.  The ability to drop and drag and select items makes searching a snap.  Items may be viewed or printed out.  Advanced users may also EDIT the SQL queries created by this tool and run them against the database.


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